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The Discipline Of Staying Thin

Volumes could be filled with the article published on losing weight. From Atkins to South Beach to the sauerkraut diet, every weight loss trend, gimmick and bona fide success story has been covered ad nauseum.

But what about maintenance? What do you do if you’ve done the hard work to get down to your target weight and now you’re looking for some advice on how to stay there? For you – the hard-working-kept-your-eye-on-the-prize elite – here are some tips from the fashion world on staying lean no matter what.

Learn How to Eat Out

You can’t avoid restaurants forever and dining out is a necessary part of a healthy social life. The key is in re-educating yourself on the process. You’ve heard the strategy of ordering an appetizer as your entrée, but what about ordering a few main dishes and sharing them with the whole table? You still get to try the great food from the dinner menu but, by dividing it with friends; you remove that inherent pressure to finish the whole entrée yourself.

Exercise No Matter what

Chances are, you had to exercise to hit that goal weight or fit into that dream size. Now is not the time to give up on that. Instead, now is the time to entrench the exercise regimen even deeper into your daily routine. If possible, try to keep your workouts at the same time every day – healthy habits are success builders because it becomes second nature to make the right choice.

Never overlook the benefit of jogging. You can do it anywhere and have a great workout with or without a gym or a treadmill. Also give yoga a try. Most habitually lean women have a yoga class they attend regularly. The movements promote a lean physique that is unmatched in other exercises.

Learn How to Snack

You may have also used this method in your weight loss success, but it is important to continue to eat more meals closer together, but composed of less calories. If your stomach is never truly empty, you will be less tempted to make poor decisions when you pass the vending machine or, worse yet, the hot dog vendor. Keep your favorite healthy snacks on hand everywhere. If there’s a particular granola bar or other low calorie snack bar you love, keep a box at work and one at home. Even pack a box when you travel.

Learn How to Say No

There will always be temptations. It will always be someone’s birthday at work. Sheet cakes are loaded with sugars and usually about a year’s worth of trans fats. Sing along with your coworkers, but eat an apple instead.

It will always be easier to go to a drive through fast food restaurant than to go home and cook. Instead, shop smart and prep smart so that cooking isn’t an all night affair, but rather an easy task when you get home. By learning to say no to the bad choices, you free yourself up to say yes to the truly divine. Maybe it’s a favorite bakery or pie shop. Indulge sparingly, but when you do be sure the calories are worth it.