How To Communicate With Your Hairstylist


You walk into a hair salon expecting to get the cut you’ve always dreamed of, but instead wind up with something you never really wanted. It’s a situation that isn’t as uncommon as you might think. Many of us have no idea how to communicate with our hairstylist, yet it’s the most important key to getting that cut you’ve dreamed of.

Bring Photos

The next time you visit your favorite stylist, bring photos of the style you have in mind. This will show your stylist that you know what you want specifically and that you’re not interesting in trying that crazy cut he or she had in mind. An easy way to find photos is to check your local bookstore for hairstyling magazines that offer a variety of ideas for cuts, styles and color.

Be Open to Advice

What might work for one person’s hair doesn’t always work for another and your stylist knows this.

Pay attention to what he or she has to say before you finalize any decisions. When you are planning a new hairstyle, you want to look your best. Keep in mind that your hair texture, skin color, face shape and even occupation are all important factors to consider when planning a style.

Point it Out

Your stylist isn’t a psychic. If there is a problem you’ve been experiencing with your hair let them know.

If you prefer longer bangs or you have trouble taming a cowlick, let your stylist know and be specific.

Talk about Healthy Hair

Make sure that both you and your stylist are talking about the health of your hair. He or she should be addressing the concerns of your specific hair type and what conditioner or shampoo can help.

Ask about Maintenance

After you have decided on a style, ask your stylist if he or she can show you how to maintain your new look. See if she will show you how to blow-dry it and while you’re at it, find out what products you will need for the upkeep.

Show before Cutting

Ask the stylist to show you with his or her fingers just how much is being cut off. If you don’t ask your 1-inch trim may very well wind up being a lot more.

Clear up the Confusion

A lot of times we’re not familiar with the cutting terms stylist use. If you’re unsure what you stylist is talking about, ask her to explain in terms that you can understand. Or better yet, ask her to show you a picture.

Voice your Concerns

If your stylist does something you don’t like, speak up. While a stylist may have a perfect haircut he or she wants to try out on you, it doesn’t mean it’s right for you.

If your stylist refuses to listen to you, talk to the salon manager. If that doesn’t work find another salon.

Praise their Work

If you like what your stylist has done, let them know. Positive feedback is a great way to make your stylist feel important as well as let them know what they did right with your hairstyle.

Keep in Mind

The stylist is not always the problem. It’s up to you to maintain your new hairstyle once you leave the salon. If you can’t work with the style then maybe you and your new do just weren’t meant to be.

Finally, you should remember that you are paying for a service that they are providing. If you are not happy with your service, there are other stylists or salons that are willing to make you happy. After all, it’s your money and your hair, not theirs.